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Foresight@Google conference announced

June 13, 2011

Foresight has announced its final conference program for Foresight@Google’s 25th Anniversary Reunion Conference, to be held June 25–26 in Mountain View, CA.

“This weekend, full of plenary talks, panels, and breakout sessions, is a unique opportunity to be stimulated, enlightened and inspired by direct interaction with ground-breaking movers and shakers in nanotechnology,” said Christine Peterson, Foresight Co-founder and President.


  • Jim von Ehr, President of Zyvex Labs LLC, and founder of Altsys, the Texas Nanotech Initiative,  the world’s first successful molecular nanotech company.
  • Barney Pell, CoFounder/CTO of Moon Express, Silicon Valley VC best known for AI work on NASA’s Clarissa and Remote Agent, now competing for Google’s Lunar X PRIZE.

Singularity University trustee Sonia Arrison will also emcee panels on:

  • The Scientific Challenges of Truly Transformative Nanotech
  • From Research to Application: Turning innovation into success
  • Funding, Development & the Valley of Death: Transcending entrepreneurial challenges
  • Jumpstarting a Career in Nanotech: How to make your move

Speakers and panelists include  Halcyon Molecular CEO William Andregg, CalTech’s William Goddard, NanoInk CTO Mike Nelson, Paypal’s Luke Nosek, Stanford forecaster Paul Saffo, motor-molecule creator Sir Fraser Stoddart, Intel’s Mike Garner, IBM’s Thomas Theis, and more.

Reception Friday night and 25th Anniversary Banquet Saturday. Register here ($50 off with code: KURZWEILAI).


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